Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Weather Out There is Frightful!

The past month has been treacherous, weather wise. Leaving roads slippery, sidewalks icy and roof's covered in snow. With the current messy conditions, accidents are often unavoidable.

If you are in an accident, it is very important to assess whether you are hurt and seek any necessary medical treatment. In addition, there are some other steps you can take in case you need to make a claim for injuries.

1. File an accident report. With car accidents, depending on the amount of damage, it may be required. In slip and fall accidents, it is important to document that the accident occurred and that it was reported.

2. Take pictures. Everyone has a camera phone these days. Snap a few pictures of any damage that has occurred, or the conditions that caused the accident to happen. It can help in a number of ways down the line.

3. Talk to witnesses. If you can get the names and numbers of any witnesses, it could be very helpful to any possible claim.

4. Contant an attorney. Even if you do not wish to make a claim, you may have questions about insurance surcharges, property damage, or medical bills.

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