Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In Massachusetts, those pesky speeding tickets do not just result in a fine. Depending on the citation, it can be one or more surcharges that cause your insurance to skyrocket.
But even beyond the surcharges, the possibility of a suspension to your drivers license is looming overhead.

3 Speeding tickets in one year: If you have a lead foot, beware!! 3 speeding tickets in one year result in a suspension.

3 surchargeable incidents in 2 years: This suspension recently replaced the previous 5 surchargeable events suspension. Though this is harsh, it is possible to take the National Motorist Class to avoid suspension.

7 Surchargeable incidents in 3 years: Any combination of 7 surcharges will result in this suspension.

12 surchargeables in 5 years: The dreaded habitual suspension, this can cause a loss of license for 4 years!!! Criminal convictions are weighted differently for the purpose of this suspension, so make sure you keep track of each.

Junior Operator Speeding: If you are under 18 and convicted of speeding, you are looking at an automatic loss of license, even if your appeal hearing happens after your 18th Birthday. A second ticket can cause an even longer suspension, so make sure these tickets are appealed!

Appealing the tickets is a good way to avoid expensive surcharges and lengthy periods of suspensions. If you have any questions on these types of suspensions or are seeking counsel, contact my office.