Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be careful of license suspensions in Massachusetts

If you get any combination of surchargeable events against your license, you could be looking at a suspension! Be careful of you are close to any of the following:

1. 3 events in 2 years. To avoid a suspension on this, make sure you take the National Motorist Safety course within the time allowed by the RMV.

2. 7 surchageable events in 3 years. With this one, you cannot avoid the suspension by taking a class. Make sure you appeal the tickets and accident surcharges to avoid the suspension.

3. 3 speeding tickets in one year. If you are close to this, remember to appeal the citations. The RMV uses the date of court finding to determine if the events are within a year. By appealing, even if you are found responsible, you may be able to delay the date of finding to avoid the suspension.

4. 14 offenses in 5 years. This is a habitual traffic offender suspension and carries a 4 year suspension. F you are close to this, consult an attorney to assist you in fighting the citations.